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West-Harju Folk Costumes Hageri ans Nissi

West-Harju Folk Costumes Hageri ans Nissi

The stamps feature women of Hageri and Nissi Parishes in late 19th century dress. In that period, most Harju County men already wore city clothes. Checkered skirts, as well as dresses and jackets, then made their way into women’s attire. The main headgear throughout North Estonia was the pot hat that came in various colours. Girls’ headdress used to be wreaths and in Hageri they were sometimes made of strips of fabric of different colours.

Kerchiefs were frequently worn, sometimes several of them one over the other. The Hageri woman and girl are wearing large purchased woollen kerchiefs, and besides, the woman is wearing a silk kerchief over her pot hat. Married women still observed the tradition of wearing an apron, which could have been of light white fabric, and in case of the Nissi woman it is decorated with embroidered lace and cord rucks. The Nissi woman is wearing a black lamb wool cardigan, although also jackets of novel design were worn at the time, and she has a sleigh rap over her forearm.

Title: West-Harju Folk Costumes Hageri ans Nissi
Date of Issue: 14 April 2012
Country: Estonia
Denominations: 0.45, 1.00 EUR

Source: http://www.post.ee

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