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Winter Olympic 2010 – Czech Republic

The stamp shows a figure rychlobruslare in dynamic motion. One of the Olympic disciplines is just speed in which the Czech Republic successes.

Winter Olympic Games will begin in February in Vancouver. The Olympic Games, again after twenty years in Canada, decided in 2003 to 115th meeting of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Individual sports disciplines will take place at various locations. In Vancouver, will compete in acrobatic skiing and snowboarding and up to 130 km away to Whistler gather competitors in biathlon, beans and other skiing disciplines.

The Olympic Games are the most important gathering of athletes from around the world, therefore in these games is intended to be a large participation of athletes, journalists and especially spectators. Among Czech cuffs in battle for the medals are particularly rychlobruslarská hope Martin Sáblíková in downhill skiing Šárka Záhrobská, Michal Šlesinger Championships and Tomas Verner in figure skating.

Title: Winter Olympic 2010 – Czech Republic
Date of Issue: 10 February 2010
Country: Czech Republic
Denominations: 18 CZK

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