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Winter Olympic 2010 – Hungary

The Hungarian Post Co. issued a postage stamp to welcome the Olympic Winter Games 2010. A prestigious annual sports events between Februáry 12-28 in Canada’s third largest city and one of the most important port city – Vancouver and Whistler home.

Canad won the Right to organize the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games on 3 July 2003 in Prague. The four cities szemlebizottság previously found suitable for a settlement. Bern withdrew, and then vote in the first round of Salzburg in Austria has fallen out of the competition, while in the second round of the South Korean Pjongcsanggal against Vancouver was a winner. In the region of 9 spot in the ongoing Olympic Games, these 3 will be within the Whistler resort. The Vancouver Olympics fifteen different sports (alpine skiing, biathlon, bobsled, curling, Nordic combined competition, skating, ice hockey, figure skating, Short Track Speed Skating, skiing, ski jumping, skeleton, snowboarding, szabadsíelés, sledge), a man of forty-five, thirty-eight women and three mixed versenyszáma share medals.

The opening and closing ceremony held in Vancouver, BC Place Stadium. The establishment in 1983, with a view to open it to the 1986 World Expo is a major place to serve, which is still in Latvian, as II. Queen Elizabeth Canada 1986th opened on 2 May in the Expo. The stadium is unique, that of supplying the world’s largest indoor stadium was a top high-pressure air was. In 2008, $ 150 million renovation to be started with the BC Place Olympic order to meet the expectations.

Title: Winter Olympic 2010 – Hungary
Date of Issue: 5 February 2010
Country: Hungary
Denominations: 260 ft

Source: www.posta.hu

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