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Winter Olympics 2018 Stamps

Winter Olympics 2018 Stamps : launching New Horizons in winter sports

Winter Olympics 2018 Stamps, a miniature piece of paper issued to commemorate the international multi-sport event hosted by Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Issuing Olympic stamps has now become a tradition and most of the participating countries issue special Olympic stamps to mark their participation.

Two years back a large number of countries issued Rio 2016 Olympic stamps to commemorate XXXI Summer Olympic Games.

Also, Olympic stamps collection is one of the hot topics among thematic stamp collectors with Summer Olympics, Winter Olympics, and Youth Olympics stamps issued every alternate year.


Winter Olympics Pyeongchang 2018 Stamps gives one more reason to rejoice for stamp collectors.

Here we tried to enlist all the stamps issued by various postal authorities to commemorate 2018 winter Olympics.

All the stamp images are sourced from the official websites of postal administrations.

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Winter Olympics 2018 Stamps


Winter Olympics 2018 Stamp kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz Express Post issued a new souvenir sheet, containing two postage stamps, dedicated to Winter Olympics 2018.

At the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, Kyrgyzstan is represented by athletes competing in alpine and cross-country skiing.

Winter Olympics 2018 Stamp kyrgyzstan FDC

Date of Issue: 23 February 2018
Denominations: 50 KGS, 150 KGS
Source: Kyrgyz Express Post



Romania Winter Olympics 2018 Stamps

Romfilatelia issued a set of special stamps commemorating the participation of Romanian athletes in the 23rd Winter Olympic Games, PyeongChang 2018.

Romania’s athletes will take part in the alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, biathlon, bobsleigh, luge events, and skeleton.

The postage stamp issue illustrates four Olympic disciplines.
– The bobsleigh (Lei 2.50)
– The alpine skiing (Lei 4.50)
– The cross-country ski (Lei 8)
– The ski jumping (Lei 15)

Romania Winter Olympics 2018 FDC

This year, the outfits of the medal bearers and escorts are in red, white and blue, inspired by the colors of the South Korean national flag.

Instead of flowers, the medal winners of these sports competitions will be given the mascot-doll Soohorang.

The doll will wear a gold, silver or bronze hat and a paper flower known as uhsahwa.

The medal winners will also receive a wooden souvenir adorned with mountain scenes of PyeongChang and characters from the Korean Hangul alphabet spelling out “PyeongChang 2018”.

Date of Issue: 9 February 2018
Denominations: 2.50 Lei; 4.50 Lei; 8 Lei; 15 Lei
Source: Romfilatelia


Switzerland Winter Olympics 2018 Stamp

In celebration of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Swiss Post issued the “Swiss Olympic 2018” special stamp.

The whole country will be crossing its fingers when more than one hundred competitions are staged across seven different sports and fifteen disciplines.

Date of Issue: 29 January 2018
Denominations: CHF 1.00
Source: Swiss Post


Ukraine Winter Olympics 2018 Stamp

Ukraine Winter Olympics 2018 FDC

Date of Issue: 23 January 2018
Denominations: 9.0 UKH


Slovakia Winter Olympics 2018 Stamp

The Slovak Olympic Committee expects the participation of 54 athletes, including 25 hockey-players, 10 will compete in biathlon, 6 in Alpine skiing, 5 in cross country skiing and 3 in figure skating.

Moreover, Slovakian representatives in freestyle skiing, snowboarding, the luge, or bobsleigh are hope to participate in the Games as well.

Date of Issue: 19 January 2018
Denominations: 1.00 €
Source: Slovakia Post


Winter Olympics 2018 Stamp Serbia

Date of Issue: 9 February 2018
Denominations: 23, 74


Winter Olympics 2018 Stamp Monaco

Monaco stamps representing its participation at 2018 Winter Games.

The Monegasque delegation will consist of athletes representing bobsleigh and downhill skiing.

Winter Olympics 2018 Stamp Monaco FDC

Date of Issue: 8 February 2018
Denominations: 0.95 €
Source: Monaco Stamps


Winter Olympics 2018 Stamp Poland

Winter Olympics 2018 Stamp Poland FDC

Date of Issue: 1 February 2018
Denominations: 5,20 PLN
Source: Polish Post


Winter Olympics 2018 Stamps Lithuania

Lithuania post issued two stamps featuring sports rock-climbing and fast-paced skating to commemorate Winter Olympics 2018.

The stamps are presented with the most energetic and powerful colors.The dominant blue color best reflects the shadowy and cold background of the Winter Olympics.

Curling (kerling) is a team Olympic winter sport that dates back to the 16th century. It is most popular in Scotland, Canada, the United States, Norway, and Sweden. The essence of the game is to let the ice stones slip in the rectangular ice area so that they are placed as close to the target as possible.

Speed skating on the short track is an Olympic sport, one of the fastest skating species. 2014 Agne Sereikaite was representing Lithuania in the Sochi Olympics. She is the first representative of this sport in the country for the Olympics.

Winter Olympics 2018 Stamps Lithuania FDC

Date of Issue: 26 January 2018
Denominations: 0,84 Eur and 0,94 Eur
Source: Lithuania Post


Winter Olympics 2018 Stamps Czech Republic

The Czech Olympic Team 2018 are traditional stamps issued as a part of Olympic stamps series.

A discipline biathlon is featured on the Olympic stamp with a biathlete shooting in the standing position.

The Paralympic stamp features a mono-skier.

Date of Issue: 20 January 2018
Denominations: 37,00 CZK, 16,00 CZK
Source: Ceska Posta


Winter Olympics 2018 Stamp Latvia

To support the Latvian Olympians at the 23rd Olympic Winter Games, Latvijas Pasts releases the newest stamp in the series Sports – Bobsleigh.

The latest stamp issue is created in collaboration with the Latvian Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation and designed by the artist Ludis Danilans.

Latvia will be represented in bobsleigh by two pilots and seven pushers:

  • Oskars Melbardis with pushers Daumants Dreiskens, Arvis Vilkaste and Janis Strenga
  • Oskars Kibermanis with Matiss Miknis, Janis Jansons, and Helvijs Lusis

Intars Dambis will go to the Olympics as the ninth bobsledder.

The goal of both bobsleigh teams is to get into the top ten in both disciplines.

Winter Olympics 2018 Stamp Latvia FDC

Latvia will be represented at the XXIII Olympic Winter Games in eight more sports: biathlon, figure skating, cross-country skiing, luge, alpine skiing, skeleton, skating and short track speed skating.

Date of Issue: 30 January 2018
Denominations: €0.61
Source: Latvijas Pasts


Winter Olympics 2018 Stamp Slovenia

Winter Olympics 2018 Stamp Slovenia FDC

Slovenia post issued a set of two stamps featuring Ice Hockey and Skiing to commemorate Winter Games 2018.

Date of Issue: 26 January 2018
Denominations: €1.00, €1.15
Source: Slovenia Stamps


Winter Olympics 2018 Stamp Belarus

Winter Olympics 2018 Stamp Belarus MS

Winter Olympics 2018 Stamp Belarus FDC

Date of Issue: 9 February 2018
Denominations: P – equal to the air-mail tariff of a letter up to 20 gram abroad
Source: Belarus Post


Winter Olympics 2018 Stamp Hungary

© 2015 Magyar Posta Zrt

Magyar Posta in cooperation with the Hungarian Olympic Committee issued Olympic Postage stamp to honor the largest winter sports event, the XXIII Olympic Winter Games.

The commemorative stamp designed by the graphic artists Luca Hejja and Laszlo Ordogh captures a moment from one of the new Hungarian success sports, short track speed skating.

The largest contingent in the Hungarian team is the short track speed skaters as both the men’s and women’s relays qualified to take part.

You may know, Hungary has won six medals (two silvers and four bronzes) at the Winter Olympics, all in figure skating.

Hungary’s last medal winners were the ice dance pair skaters Krisztina Regoczy and Andras Sallay, who came second at Lake Placid in 1980.
Winter Olympics 2018 Stamp Hungary FDC

© 2015 Magyar Posta Zrt

The silhouette of a skier appears on the first-day cover, while the main motif of the special postmark is the number 176.

It signifies the total number of Olympic gold medals won by sportsmen and -women in Hungarian colors so far, surrounded by a laurel wreath.

Date of Issue: 2 February 2018
Denominations: HUF 445
Source: Magyar Posta – Hungary


Winter Olympics 2018 Stamp Estonia

Estonia post issued a special stamp to commemorate 2018 Winter Olympics Games.

For the first time, Estonian athletes took part in Olympic Winter Games in Sankt Moritz, Switzerland in 1928.

Five Estonian sportsmen have brought back nine medals (5-2-2) since 1964.

  • Ants Antson (gold 1964),
  • Allar Levandi (bronze 1988)
  • Jaak Mae (bronze 2002)
  • Andrus Veerpalu (gold and silver 2002 and gold 2006)
  • Kristina Smigun (two golds 2006 and silver 2010).

Winter Olympics 2018 Stamp Estonia FDC

Date of Issue: 12 January 2018
Denominations: 1.50 €
Source: Estonia Stamps


Winter Olympics 2018 Stamps Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein Post issued traditional stamps to commemorate Winter Olympics 2018.

The stamps show the motifs “Nordic Skiing” (CHF 1.70) and “Alpine Skiing” (CHF: 2.00).

The post commissioned Sojung Kim-McCarthy, an artist from the host country to design the Olympic stamps.

Winter Olympics 2018 Stamp Liechtenstein FDC

Date of Issue: 13 November 2017
Denominations: CHF 1.70, CHF 2.00
Source: Liechtenstein Philately


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