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Wood Sculpture – Religious Figure Carving

Macau post issued a set of postage stamp and a souvenir sheet featuring Wood Sculpture – Religious Figure Carving which have history of more than 100 years.

To seek blessings from God, fishermen of Macau often carved the wood ito religious figure like protective god for worship, thus, forming a custom which brought prosperity of Macau religious figure carving.

With more than 100 years history, religious figure carving is one of the oldest traditional industries in Macau.

The religious figure carving includes Taoism or Buddhism, ancestral tablets, household gods, boards, temples, pagodas and sacrifice tools.

Title: Wood Sculpture – Religious Figure Carving
Date of Issue: 7 September 2010
Country: Macau
Denominations: 1.50, 2.50, 3.50, 4.00 Ptcs

Source: www.macaupost.gov.mo

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  1. This is great! After 400 years as a Portugese colony, Macao at least acknowledges traditional Chinese religion, unlike Hong Kong which is run by a Catholic puppet of China.

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