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World Girl Guides Centenary 1910-2010

The founder of the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides Movement is Robert Baden Powell. The Scout Movement was officially founded in 1909, a Boy Scout rally was held at Crystal Palace in London and Baden Powell was taken aback when a number of Girls attended.

He decided if they wanted to join in, they should have their own name and movement and programme suited to their needs. Baden Powell chose the name Girl Guides after the famous corps of Guides in India who were distinguished for their general handiness and resourcefulness under difficulties and their keenness and courage.

Baden Powell felt that the movement for girls should be run for women so in 1910 he asked his elder sister Agnes Baden Powell to take care of the Girl Guides movement. That year the Girl Guide Movement was officially founded with the Establishment of the Girl Guides Association (United Kingdom).

In 1910 Baden Powell Now Sir Robert Baden Powell retired from his army career and devoted himself to Scouting and to the beginning of Guiding. He attended rallies and jamborees all over the world and it was during a world tour in 1912 that he met Olave Soames, his wife.

After a brief courtship, the couple were engaged and married that same year. Olave accompanied her husband on visits and tours and soon became actively involved in the Guide and Scout Movement.
Meanwhile Baden Powells failing health meant that couple undertook less strenuous activities then previous years.

Stamp set Details

KI.00 – Cooking lesson for badge house,Hanubada Guides
K3.00 – Creating a wash bowl stand, part of badge work
K4.65 – Trainer teaching knots at a Guide Leaders training
K6.30 – Brownies displaying their badge work

Souvenir Sheet Details

K10.00 – Lady Olave Baden Powell, World Chief Guide, 1930 – 1977

Souvenir Sheetlet Details

KI.00 – Lady Kala Olewale, second PNG Chief Commissioner, 1980s – 1990s.
K3.00 – Lady Christian Chartterton, founder of Guiding in PNG, 1927.
K4.65 – Princess Anne’s visit to PNG, 1970.
K6.30 – Enny Moaitz, first PNG Chief Commissioner 1970s – 1980s

Title: World Girl Guides – Centenary 1910-2010
Date of Issue: 10 April 2010
Country: Papua New Guinea
Denominations: KI.00, K3.00, K4.65, K6.30

Source: www.postpng.com.pg

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