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World post Day 2015 Hong Kong

World post Day 2015 Hong Kong

World Post Day is celebrated on 9 October every year to raise awareness of postal service among people in every corner of the world.

World Post Day is celebrated every year since 1969, to mark the day of establishment of the UPU (Universal Postal Union).

World Post Day Special stamp

Hongkong Post issued a set of four stamps on the theme of “ World Post Day ”.

At the heart of the stamp design are flying pigeons which are formed by crossed hands to represent letters being delivered to different places and symbolise the worldwide coverage of postal services.

The four stamps can be rearranged to form a new pattern: by grouping the different quadrants of the world together, which are seen at the four outer corners of the stamps, a complete globe will appear at the centre with pigeons flying back, denoting sending back replies.

The stamp design embodies the dual messages of delivering and receiving mail. The six postmarks of Hongkong Post depicted on the pigeons add local interest to the stamps.

Hongkong Post designates 9 October as Love Post Day, on which people in Hong Kong are invited to send a personal letter to a local recipient without charge.

Having been held for 12 consecutive years, it aims to spread the pleasure of letter-writing.

In the era of electronic communication, sometimes sending a hand-written message can better convey personal sentiments and heartfelt feelings. The delight of receiving letters from loved ones can be heartwarming.

World post Day 2015 Hong Kong

Title: World post Day 2015 Hong Kong
Date of Issue: 9 October 2015
Country: Hong Kong
Denominations: HK$1.70, HK$2.90, HK$3.70, HK$5.00

Source: Hong Kong Post

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