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Year of the Rabbit – Serbia

Year of the Rabbit – Serbia
Serbia post issued two stamps to mark the new lunar year of Rabbit. The Rabbit is the fourth sign in the Chinese zodiac and symbolizes creativity, compassion and sensitivity. In the Chinese story of the Jade Rabbit, three sages transformed themselves into pitiful old men, and begged for food from a fox, a monkey and a rabbit.

Those born in the year of the Rabbit are often said to possess character traits such as kind, clever and elegant.
Rabbits are tranquil individuals who are generally calm and do not exhibit aggressive behavior, avoiding confrontations whenever possible.

Year of the Rabbit – Serbia FDC
Title: Year of the Rabbit – Serbia
Date of Issue: 7 February 2011
Country: Serbia
Denominations: 22,00 RSD; 55,00 RSD

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