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Year of the Rabbit – Canada

Year of the Rabbit - CanadaThe Year of the Rabbit is a peaceful year, one that will be far more tranquil than the previous “Tiger” year, and give us the necessary rest to revive ourselves from a time of uncertainty and stress.

The Year of the Rabbit is the fourth in the cycle of the Chinese New Year, occurring every twelve years. It begins on February 3, 2011, and runs until January 22, 2012.People born in the Year of the Rabbit have exceptional taste.

They are gifted, expressive and value a sense of honour. When it comes to making a match, they should gravitate to those born under the sign of the Ram, Pig, or Dog. The Rabbit will be unable to cope with the arrogance and criticism of the Rooster, their patience will be exhausted by the tantrums of the Tiger, and for them, the Horse is too hot tempered and fickle.

Rabbits don’t need the grief. They are survivors—and can deal with anything life throws at them as long as they are at peace with themselves.
Year of the Rabbit - Canada - ss

Year of the Rabbit - Canada - FDC
Title: Year of the Rabbit – Canada
Date of Issue: 7 January 2011
Country: Canada
Denominations: PERMANENT


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