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Year of the Snake - Lithuania

Year of the Snake – Lithuania

Lithuania Post will release a new stamp on the theme The Chinese New Year, year of the snake, to mark the year beginning on February 10.

The Chinese New Year is the most important Chinese festival usually marking the beginning of spring. As the festival is celebrated following the lunar calendar, the festival falls on different dates each year. In 2013, it will be celebrated on February 10. The festival coincides with the change in the zodiac sign. 2013 is the year of the Snake.

The Chinese New Year celebrations last for fifteen days. The first three days are spent together with the family and close friends. The seventh day is considered to be the human’s birthday. Everyone reflects on deeds of the previous year and progress in development and growth.

The Chinese New Year ends with the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the month. This is the day when children make paper lanterns, light them, and release into the sky; the youth is out all night with the hope to meet a future husband or wife. Also, there are lots of matchmakers attempting to pair up single men and women. It is believed that the one who finds a match to someone will be happy all year round.

On the occasion of the New Year, the Chinese decorate homes and streets in red. Legends say that there was a monster called “Nian” who used to stay in the mountains or the sea; however, once per twelve years he came out for hunting humans. He was afraid of noise and the red color. This is why the Chinese set off fireworks and petards.

People born in the Year of the Snake are reputed to be thoughtful and wise and to approach problems rationally and logically, seldom instinctively. Such people are complex beings, they are clever and men of few words from their birth.

Their business is always going well, but they are stingy very often. They are sometimes egoistic and conceited. However they can be very active in their friends’ life. They are often too active, not believing other people and relying only on themselves.

Year of the Snake - Lithuania

Title: Year of the Snake – Lithuania
Date of Issue: 9 February 2013
Country: Lithuania
Denominations: 2.90Lt

Source: http://www.post.lt

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