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Year of the Snake - Slovenia

Year of the Snake – Slovenia

2013 is the year of the Snake, begins on February 10th shortly after the New moon in Aquarius, the humanitarian of the zodiac. Slovenia post issued a stamp to mark 2013 as the Year of the Snake.

The snake is a very common subject of veneration in various cultures around the world. The fact that it also plays an important part in the Chinese environment can be seen in the fact that it is one of the 12 animals in the Chinese horoscope.

Although it is not nearly as mighty as the dragon, the snake inspires people with awe and respect, and is reminiscent of a dragon. The folk expression for a snake is little dragon, and the skin that is left after shedding is called dragon’s clothes.

On the third day of the third month in the traditional calendar, snakes supposedly slither out of their holes, so that day is known as Dragon raises its head, and so on. And people born in the sign of the snake often say of themselves that they belong to the little dragon.

In Chinese mythology, many beings have a human head and snake’s body, for instance Pangu, who supposedly separated the Sky andEarth, Nüwa and Fuxi, the couple who created all humankind, and so on. Studies have determined that in the famous mythological work The Classic of Mountains and Seas, as much as a third of all the supernatural beings are reminiscent of snakes.

The folk tradition states that a snake that lives to be a hundred grows a little horn on its head, giving it spiritual dimensions. Such snakes may not be harmed, let alone killed, for that would bring misfortune. And equally, if you encounter a snake near your home, it is a sign of luck. Furthermore, snakes can supposedly distinguish which herbs are healing and which are not, while snakes themselves can be used almost entirely for making medicines.

In Chinese culture the snake can have a negative association, for instance an evil person has the heart of a snake and a scorpion, and a snake beauty probably needs no further explanation. Nevertheless it is generally true that the snake
brings good fortune and wealth, and along with the tortoise and crane it symbolizes long life.

Year of the Snake - Slovenia

Title: Year of the Snake – Slovenia
Date of Issue: 25 January 2013
Country: Slovenia
Denominations: 0.92 Eur

Source: http://posta.si


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