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Year of the Tiger – Hongkong

The heroic tiger plays a leading role in the eleventh issue of the third Lunar New Year series issued by Hongkong Post. This set of 4 stamps illustrates 4 breeds of tigers in different postures – sprinting, patrolling, gazing and lounging.

Bid farewell to the “Year of the Ox” and welcome the “Year of the Tiger”! Embossed and hot-foiled with genuine 24K and 22K gold as well as 99.9% silver, this special edition is so enchanting that you can hardly bear to put it down.

Title: Year of the Tiger
Date of Issue: 6 February 2010
Country: HongKong
Denominations: $1.40, $2.40, $3.00, $5.00

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  1. More 23 countries, this year, have issues by New lunar year (chinese) stamps of Tiger (Metal) 2010.
    – Canadá, Estados Unidos de América (USA), China, Thailand, Nueva Zelanda, Japón, Corea del Sur, Taiwán, Macao, Hong Kong, Singapur, Indonesia, Francia, Viet Nam, Malawi, Serbia, Eslovenia, Kirguistán, Irlanda, la Polinesia francesa, México, Cuba e Islas Christmas

    • Thank you very much for this information, I have tried to provide the best information, I will surely check out the missing countries.

  2. In the next March, 18. New Caledonia issue by New Lunar Year Stamp. Please, see image in:

    And from Mexico:

  3. Dear friend, if you want and needing, contact us by email, I have some screenshot by different issues of this year 2010 (NLY)…
    best wishes

  4. Last country with new lunar year issue: Bhutan

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