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Yellow Canary – Ascension Island

Ascension Island post issued a set of stamp showing The Yellow Canary (Serinus flaviventris), a small slender bird (12cm long) in the finch family.

Adult males are unmistakable with yellow below and greenish with brown streaking above; they have a bright yellow stripe round the forehead and back over the eye, fading out on the nape; the crown and a stripe through the eye are green but there is a yellow patch below the eye and below this is a strong black moustachial stripe.

Females are drab, streaky, greenish grey with dull greenish yellow on the rump; the greenish tinge separates them from Brown Cardinals. The stubby bill streaked breast and generally greyer appearance will also separate female or immature canaries from female, non-breeding male or juvenile Madagascar Fodies and from juvenile Java Sparrows. The underparts are white with brown streaking. Juveniles resemble females but have heavier streaking

The main habitat is in the scrub or open areas with some trees. The food is mainly small seeds, but fruit is also taken and they are seen hawking insects. They are often seen foraging and nesting in gardens.

Title: Yellow Canary – Ascension Island
Date of Issue: 11 October 2010
Country: Ascension Island
Denominations: 15p, 35p, 60p, 90p

Source: www.postoffice.gov.ac

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