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Zodiac: Cancer, the crab

Zodiac: Cancer, the crabOur ancestors had to look closely to find this constellation they named for the crab—it’s very small and faint, with few stars. Even the brightest among them are relatively dim in comparison to other stars—so much so that Cancer has been considered a dark star, sometimes described as black and without eyes. Often it can be found only by looking to its heavenly neighbours—it lies between Gemini to the west, Leo to the east, Lynx to the north, and Canis Minor and Hydra to the south.

“Then a light among them brightened, So that, if Cancer one such crystal had, Winter would have a month of one sole day.” Dante, The Paradiso.

Cancer is the fourth astrological sign in the zodiac. A water sign ruled by the changeable moon, the qualities of the Cancer personality are the least decisive of all of the signs of the signs of the zodiac. The strongest instincts in those born under this very emotional and highly dramatic sign are an intense home-loving nature and the need to seek a refuge from the stresses in life.

While not anti-social, Cancer is one of the most happily solitary signs. Cancers can appear tough and uncompromising. They need to balance their desire to be outgoing with their natural reserve. They have an air of purposefulness, a philosophical nature and frequently inspire others. Cancer individuals often possess considerable literary, artistic or oratorical talent—and many are drawn to the stage.

Title: Zodiac: Cancer, the crab
Date of Issue: 22 June 2011
Country: Canada
Denominations: PERMANENT

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