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Zodiac Series – Lunar year of the Tiger

Singpost issued a set of three postage stamps to welcome the upcoming Lunar year “Year of The Tiger”.

There are total of 12 animals signs in the Chinese calendar based on five cycles of 12 years each, with each cycle tempered by one of the five Chinese elements of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth.

According to Chinese astrology and belief, the traits of these zodiac animals not only shape the personalities of people born under the respective sign but also their lives and the events of the year.

The affectionate, generous and attractive Tiger, third in the Zodiac cycle, starts off another New Year of the Chinese calendar. Those born in the year of the Tiger are often said to possess character traits such as affectionate, generous and attractive. Tigers are energetic individuals eho believe in enjoying a life full of challenges and unexpected events.

Title: Lunar year of the Tiger
Date of Issue: 8 January 2010
Country: Singapore
Denominations: 1st local, 65c, $1.10

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