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Amnesty International 50th Anniversary

Amnesty International 50th AnniversaryAmnesty International is an international organization fighting for human rights all around the world. Amnesty was founded in 1961 by Peter Benenson, a Bristish lawyer. The organization is concerned with human rights regardless of politics, religious matters or ideology. It was awarded the Nobel Peace Price in 1977. The emblem for Amnesty which was designed by Diana Redhouse is based on a candle encircled in barbed wire. The origin of Amnesty can be traced to Mr. Benenson‘s campaign for human rights in connection with the imprisonment of Portuguese students that had been arrested for protesting against the infringement of political freedom.

In the sixties UNESCO granted Amnesty International a consultative status and since then Amnesty has worked closely with the United Nations. The Icelandic section of Amnesty International was formally founded in the Nordic House in Reykjavík on September 15th 1974. Amnesty International has promoted increased awareness of human rights in Iceland and has positively affected the live of numerous victims of human rights violations. The Section bases all its activities on objectivity, independence and international solidarity.

Title: Amnesty International 50th Anniversary
Date of Issue: 15 September 2011
Country: Island
Denominations: 100g

Source: www.postur.is

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