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Doot – Centenary of Gujarati Monthly Magazine

Doot- Centenary of Gujarati Monthly MagazineIndia post issued a stamp to mark the centenary of Gujarati Monthly Magazine the ‘DOOT’. It was first launched in January 1911,through very humble beginnings,from Mumbai. It originally catered to the miniscule Catholic community of Gujarat.

But over the years,it has grown by leaps and bounds and caters to a cross section of society,belonging to all religious and cultural backgrounds in Gujarat,in other parts of India and abroad. It has the distinction of being the second oldest Gujarati periodical in the country.

Title: Doot – Centenary of Gujarati Monthly Magazine
Date of Issue: 15 January 2011
Country: India
Denominations: 500p

Source: www.indiapost.gov.in

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